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​General Incorporated Association International Artistic Photography Association Articles of Incorporation (excerpt)


Name International Fine Art Photography Association

English notation International Fine Art Photography Association 


Zip code 939-8205

1-4-32-1302 Shinnezuka-cho, Toyama City, Toyama Prefecture

​ (business purpose)

Our corporation widely disseminates and promotes art photography, fosters photographers, and
We carry out activities related to supporting activities, and aim to promote art and culture.
In order to contribute to that purpose, we will carry out the following projects.  

1 Projects related to the dissemination and enlightenment of art photography, instruction in photography techniques, and improvement of knowledge 
2 Planning, management and correspondence education of various lesson classes, culture classes, culture schools, etc.
business related to education
3 Various lectures, workshops, workshops, study sessions, exhibitions, seminars, contests, events
Business related to planning, designing, implementing, operating, and outsourcing various operations, etc.
4 Planning, shooting, editing, production, sales, and management of various artistic works such as photographs and videos
5 Publishing business and planning, design, editing, printing, production, and publishing of books, bulletins, teaching materials, etc.
and business related to sales
6 Copyrights, related rights, patent rights, trademark rights, design rights, portrait rights and other intangible property rights
Acquisition, transfer, sale, management and licensing business 
7 Planning, drafting, production, implementation, operation and various operations related to advertising and sales promotion
Consignment business
8 Business related to research, research and promotion of traditional culture, art, industry, etc.
9 Projects related to the promotion of international exchange
10 Contacting, cooperating, coordinating, collaborating, exchanging, making proposals and supporting related organizations and individuals
related business
11 Any business incidental or related to each of the preceding items

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