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​About International Fine Art Photography Association

■ Corporate Name

International Fine Art Photography Association

■ Location

Polestar Nezuka #1302, 1-4-32, Shinnezukamachi,

Toyama City, Toyama 939-8205, Japan

■ Date of incorporation

June 2, 2022

■ Corporate Representative

Representative Director   Takayuki Nakatsuka

Representative Director   Osamu Hayashi

​■ Purpose of establishment

 International Fine Art Photography Association was established in June 2022 with the aim of bringing together people who aspire to make photography as an art form and to play an active role in the world art scene through friendly competition with each other. 

 Many of the founding members have had their works exhibited in museums in Russia, many of them have been exhibited and sold in prominent international photo stock exchanges, and some have won prizes in prominent art photo contests. We believe that the requirement for artists who engage in sustainable activities in the art scene in the future is not only to enhance their own spirituality and skills, but also to think about what they can offer and contribute to the global art scene.

 In recent years, we have sought to fuse the traditional Japanese culture of washi paper with digital photography, the fruit of modern technology, and through repeated and extremely difficult research, we have brushed up on creating photographic data optimized for washi paper output and produced art works printed on handmade washi paper. These works have been very well received at overseas exhibitions.

 Meanwhile, there are many excellent photographic artists working abroad who are creating and presenting wonderful works of art. In order to make their works even better, we believe that we can contribute to the aspirations of artists around the world by making use of our know-how in the already highly acclaimed fields of Japanese paper photography and traditional Japanese culture.


 Through these activities that connect artists in Japan and abroad with traditional culture and produce works of art, we hope to create a synergy between artists from around the world and Japanese traditional culture and its industries, and to create a new photographic culture with new, high value photographic artworks that will take root and spread throughout the world.

 We will continue to work toward the creation of such a new photographic culture.


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